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Fishing was a very developed sphere in Georgia from time immemorial.
As you know, tourist inflow gradually increases in Georgia.
The mountain springs and lakes always attracted the fishers.
We fish from our childhood and every tours day brings joy. We like fishing as you do.
We are professionals and deserve your confidence.
Looking forward to seeing you in Georgia.
fishing in georgia
fishing tours in georgia
fishing tour in georgia tbilisi




Fishing guide / instructor

The founder of the company, guide and instructor.

Fishing guide / instructor

30 years of experience in fishing.
Works in our team since the very establishment as the guide/instructor.
What George says:
“Fishing for me is not associated with fishing solely but to the process, relationship with my friends, people and nature”.
32 years of experience in fishing.
The founder of the company, guide and instructor.
What Sandro says:
“I remember my first fish when I was about 5. Even today, every fish I bait reminds me of my childhood emotions. I cannot live without fishing as it is my business, hobby and lifestyle”.
25 years of experience in fishing.
Works in our team since the very establishment as the guide/instructor.
What Levan says:
“I like fishing as it gives me the sense of freedom and I like to share this sense with others. Fishing is enough for me to be totally happy. I like peace and proximity to water and I think I am so lucky”.



I have served my business trip to Georgia and had my last day free. Two days earlier I have contacted your company and ordered the fishing tour. I am extremely excited about your timely response and grateful for the wonderful fishing day.

Fishing in Georgia

I like traveling and fishing in various world countries and I would like to underline the beauty of Georgia, its rivers and lakes, the picturesque views of the mountain springs.

Fishing tours in Georgia country

It is always essential who is your host in a foreign country and I am glad to know you. You have hosted me like the best friend which I am grateful for. Hope to see you again.

georgia fishing

The most memorable moments of my tour: the fire-boiled coffee, Georgian barbeque, and Georgian wine, fish I have baited and then cooked, all dawns and dusks. This is the trip leaving the unforgettable trace in my life. Thank you for everything.

Fishing tours in Georgia

It is my father that inspired me with fishing and gave me my first rod when I was 3. It was then when I baited my first fish :) I believed to know all the methods of fishing but you proved that I do not  :) you are the professionals and wish you good luck.

Georgia fishing tours

I think I earned more than I paid. It is always a good thing to realize. I will recommend you to all my friends. Good luck :)

fishing in georgia country


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